Stone - Guitar String Monitor

Stone is an easy, intuitive way
to monitor the health of your guitar strings

Simply place a stone anywhere on your guitar

Stone uses modern sensor technology to detect string usage and will notify you when your strings need replacing.


    Why do I need to know when to replace my strings?

    Strings can fail for a few reasons. When you play, interaction with the air and vibrations from picking can corrode and weaken the metal. In addition, old strings do not vibrate as cleanly and will not interact with the pickups as clearly. This can result in unpleasant picking sounds. Finally, replacing your strings on time prevents you from being abruptly interrupted by your strings breaking while jamming out!

    How does Stone work?

    Stone uses a combination of factors, including the length of time your strings have been on and how often you play, to determine how much life is left on your strings.

    How do I use Stone?

    Just unpack a stone, use the adhesive backing to place it wherever you want on the body of your guitar (we recommend the bridge area), press down on the ring and you're set!

    Can I use Stone on my electric guitar?

    Yes! Electric guitars vibrate about the same amount as acoustic guitars so Stone is able to sense the strings just as well as acoustic guitars.

    How long does each Stone last?

    Stones will stay effective for years while in their packaging. Once turned on, each Stone is one-time use for the life of your strings.